What Fabric Best Suits Children?

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There’s nothing happier than sewing your child’s dress. Even if it’s a plain and simple dress, it’s enough to make you feel proud that your child is wearing your creation!

However, before you go on your next baby project, we recommend paying careful attention to the needs of an infant, particularly when selecting fabrics. Babies have delicate skin, so consideration should be given to this when looking for fabric for your next baby project.

Fabrics come in a multitude of options! Some fabrics can be used for baby clothes, bedding and accessories for children.


Cotton textiles are the most common choice for children’s dresses and babies. Cotton is flexible and extraordinarily absorbent yet sweet on the skin of a baby. Organic fabric, and in particular organic cotton fabric, is the best choice for babies because it is harvested without the use of any chemicals and fertilizers.


Polyester has many advantages that cotton doesn’t have. Firstly, it is durable yet versatile. Second, it dries fast and does not absorb as much humidity as cotton. Hence, it is ideal for athletic wear and winter clothes for children.

Jersey Knit

Provided its durability, cotton jersey knit fabric is another good option for children’s and baby products. Jersey knit is breathable and straightforward to operate with, making it an excellent option even for novices to sew. It is pilling immune and stretchable. Note that the edges of jersey knit fabric will curl after washing; you may also opt to keep the ends exposed, giving the fabric a nice curled edge.

Cotton-Polyester Blends

Pure cotton clothes aren’t uncommon, but these days almost all cotton clothes have a little polyester blend. And using the fabric for kids is relatively healthy. It is effortless to maintain adding cotton-polyester combinations to that. They dry up quickly and are not wrinkled like cotton. The fabric does not shrink.


This super-soft fabric has been a common alternative for parents while shopping in winter for children’s clothing. Fleece is simple to care for, is stain-resistant, and quickly dries up too. This is a perfect substitute for wool, which comes in a range of shades and different textures and lengths. Fleece is primarily used in outerwear design. Beautiful fleece dresses can be found online for baby girls and boys.

Note that the child’s skin is fragile, and she/he doesn’t matter if the glamorous dress she carries is distracting to others — the kids only need a nice dress in which they can fly around. The fabric you pick goes a fair way to having her feel this way. So rather than being tempted by the synthetic brigade, choose wisely, pretty much nevertheless.

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